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The Exotic Teapot Blog

Amazing Tea and Teaware to wow your senses.
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The Zen of Glass Teapots


 Glass has that ultra-minimalism aesthetic which allows the concave chamber to become a crystal ball of dancing tea leaves, or the stage for a flowering tea to gently unfurl its leaves in animated splendour.

A glass tea set is a glorious set-piece, a modern expression of functionality: let the tea speak for itself; a tea ceremony to end a meal or mark a special occasion.

Glass teapots showcase zen and minimalism matched to function.

We have some very unique, individually designed teapots that we would like to introduce after a quick history of how we make them.


Our teapots come with a seal of approval

All of our teapots are made using the highest quality borosilicate glass which is designed to withstand the heat shock of boiling water. Cheaper versions of this process and glass with impurities flood the market; they are thinner & far easier to break.

The base of our teapots are inscribed with an Exotic Teapot seal, guaranteeing the quality and source. We design & make all of our signature glassware: we don’t buy through wholesalers or agents.


The details

• Glass teapots are perfect for white, green & lighter oolongs teas
• They are a necessary object to fully enjoy the spectacle of flowering teas
• Our high-grade borosilicate glass is laboratory strength, giving superior clarity, brightness, robustness & longevity
• They are easy to clean; all of our teapots are dishwasher safe
• Because they lose heat more quickly, you might want to use a tea warmer: a base for your tea that heats your teapot with candles
• Another option is the double-walled glass teapot; incredibly this is also hand blown, and the layer of air insulates the tea on the inside: keeping the tea hot but remaining cool to touch
• All our teapots come with either a strainer coil to prevent tea leaves going down the spout, or a matching glass infuser that sits inside the pot under the lid. The infusers are easily removed when you want to brew a flowering tea.


How to choose your teapot

One of the first questions when you buy any teapot is how many people. Is this a teapot for one, two or a Gong Fu Cha style pot that should fill many little cups.

Once you have decided this, it’s then simple a matter of style: which design gets you excited? (I get excited about teapots, so I assume there are others who feel the same)


The story of a hand-blown teapot


 The world of tea plays host to a range of traditional processes and skilled labour. Glass teapots are no exception. All of our glassware is blown by a master craftsperson.

First a portion of melted glass is gathered several times from the furnace with a long hollow pipe. The glass is shaped roughly into a ball and then blown into a larger, hollow shape. Then it is spun by rolling the pipe on a flat surface so that a centrifugal force further defines the shape. The glassblower uses jacks (tongs) and other tools to manipulate the glass: pinching it while rotating for example. The handle is attached and shaped quickly, with incredible skill as the glass cools quickly on the outside.

A heated rod is used to puncture the glass and it is pulled back to form the spout, which is cut off with shears. An assistant is usually required for part of the process, and the two must work together with complete precision. It is a sort of dance, a dance with fire & glass.

Because of the unique skills and hand-eye coordination involved, no two teapots will be exactly the same. You are buying a unique, handmade creation.


The teapot that keeps on giving

Once you have drunk your flowering tea, the pot can be rinsed out and filled with cold water. Your tea flower will keep for a few days if you change the water a few times.

Your pot of tea is thus transformed into a glass bouquet of floating flowers, showing off your teapot as an underwater terranium.


Our favourite teapots

We are proud of our signature creations, and would like to introduce three of them as guests to your next party.

doublewall teapot


Double Wall Glass Teapot

A teapot for science-fiction films, it also mirrors the architectural grace of crystals. The inner diamond shaped wall is, unbelievably, hand blown like the outer wall. Once filled, the coloured chamber of water floats magnificently inside the curvature of the outer glass. The tea is insulated, and remains hot while the surface is cool to touch. This is one of our finest creations in glass.

The teapot fills to 750ml, enough for two large cups or lots of smaller sipping cups in the Gong Fu Cha style.

thistle HIDEF


The Thistle Teapot

A beautifully ornate design, recalling 70s cut-glass design: retro & elegant at the same time: a bejewelled ice palace for your tea. This is a smaller teapot (450ml), for one person or used as a Gong Fu Cha pot.


Shan 1000

Shan Glass Teapot

Specially designed by us for flowering tea. It is the perfect size & shape to give your tea flower enough room to float and unfurl. This is a vintage design with an elegant lid and clean lines.

This 700ml teapot will serve two large cups, or many little cups in the Gong Fu Cha tradition --for a small group.