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The Exotic Teapot Blog

Amazing Tea and Teaware to wow your senses.

Meet Elly!

Elly is the perfect way to keep your tea piping hot and add a touch of whimsy to your tea tray. It is a solid cast iron design with an enamel finished interior. This limited edition pot is the ideal size for two large cups of tea or many if served in the smaller gong fu style. This teapot can be used as a kettle on a woodburning or gas stove. It makes an excellent gift for an elephant lover or a quirky addition to any kitchen.


Elly Cast Iron Teapot


Christmas is coming!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Yes, it is only September but shops are already filled with decorations and Christmas mince pies. It may seem a tad early but if you are one of those amazingly orgnanised individuals who already has their list ready, have a look at our range of beautiful gifts. We gift wrap them too so that is another thing to check off your long list.

Have a look at our lovely gifts here.

Glass Teapot Christmas


Our Blooms Never Fade - Whatever the Season

Today is officially the start of Autumn. It is also the perfect time to enjoy one of our special Exotic Teapot Flowering teas, bringing a bit of blooming magic to warm chilly Autumn days. Enjoy one of our favourites, Mango Splash, it’s exotic smell is guaranteed to whisk you away to a tropical island, even if only for a moment you can enjoy a splash of sunshine. The light, delicate taste is naturally accented with a hint of fresh mango. Hand picked in early Spring, our flowering green teas are high in antioxidants and can be steeped 3 times or more without tasting bitter. Just one flowering tea bloom can make up to 2 litres of tea. Click here to find other flavours:

Flowering Tea in action



This is not basic black

Traditional black tea might have fallen out of the limelight and been replaced by the tantalising tisanes and interesting infusions, but the brew that built this nation must not be forgotten. We must take it out of the dusty tea bag and put it back into the teapot and drink it in the way it was intended. Doing this we will reignite the romance that drove us to distant shore in it's pursuit. Indeed, we will fall in love with it all over again. Join us in the cause to bring black back. Start your journey with our beautiful range of loose leaf black tea.

Black Tea


Ru ware for Royalty

Ru ware got it’s name from the Ruzhou territory, Henan Yu Chau, Baofeng area. Ru ware made up some of the most treasured pieces of the royal house. It came in hues ranging from Celeste blue, Pearl White and Jade Green. The colour was created by adding small amount of iron oxide to the glaze. The surface was covered in tiny cracks through which glimpses of the brown clay below could be seen. This effect was called “crazing” which is achieved by cooling the glaze quickly causing it to crack away from the clay beneath.

Ru ware was only produced for a period of approximately twenty years. And today it’s estimated there are only sixty seven pieces that survive. In 2012 one piece set a record at auction selling for a whopping HK$ 207,860,000 that’s over £20 million!

War ended the production and the art of Ru Yao was lost to history until 900 years later. In 1983 the Chinese government commissioned hundreds experts to rediscover the lost secrets of the Ru Yao technique. It took them ten years to master the art but today everyone can enjoy what was once only meant for emperors.


 Ru Ware Teapot


Tea ware fit for an Emperor : Jun Ware

Our Jun ware range is made using techniques that hark back to the time of the Northern Song Dynasty in China (960 AD -1279 AD). Originally the teaware of the Imperial Court. Jun ware came from the famouse kiln in Yuzhou, in an area called Jun Tai, hence the name Jun Yao.

No two pieces of Jun ware are alike, each piece has it’s own magic, and is given life with it’s own colours and textures. Jun ware is typically thickly glazed in bright turquoise and purple and had the effect of it melting off the golden-brown clay vessel. The unique features are created through the a combination of the quality of the clay, the raw materials and chemicals used in the glaze and the all important firing process.

These pieces were so prized that the Royal Government decreed that they were ‘Royal Treasures’ and therefore should only be used by royalty. In China they say that "Gold has a price, but Jun Yao is priceless." They are still highly prized today, in 1995, an authentic Song Jun piece was sold at auction price of HK$ 1.45 million and in 1999 another piece sold for the princely sum of HK$6 million.

Jun Ware Teapot



Flowering Tea: Brings magic to children in North Bali

One of the Exotic Teapot team, Shan Iliffe, spent a month this summer volunteering at an orphanage in Singaraja, North of Bali. Narayan Seva Children’s Home is a residence for children whose families cannot afford their education or live too far away from a school. If they still have parents they visit them once every few months but most of them are orphans.

Shan took some of the Exotic Teapot Flowering Blooms with her to show the children. She was overwhelmed by their response; ”The kids were stunned by the blooming tea, and they were cheering on when the flower opened and they also all wanted to taste the tea. One little girl called Kiiran (the girl in the pink floral dress, see photo) kept the flower, a Jasmine Fairy, to make tea over and over again for the next few days. She was only 6 years old! They were all fascinated by the flowering tea, they made me show them three times!”

For more information about the home please visit

Flowering Tea Indonesia


Did You Know?

Rooibos has a fascinating history (which you can read more about here). At one point the seeds of the Rooibos plant sold for £80 a pound and were the most expensive vegetable seeds in the world!

Have a look at our range of delicious rooibos teas:

Rooibos tea


Flavours of Summer: Blue Pomegranate Fruit Infusions

Blue Pomegranate InfusionsPomegranate, Blueberry, Apple, Rosehip, Hibiscus, Elderberry, Cornflower and Mallow Blossom; all ingredients that conjure up the delights of the summer, no matter the time of year. Blue Pomegranate infusion is our latest flavour to indulge your senses. This tisane can be served hot or ice cold for a refreshing summer thirst-quencher. We recommend steeping it longer as this enhances the intensity of the flavour. Enjoy!

Outside Teatime


We can help you celebrate #NationalAfternoonTeaWeek

You can’t have a tea party without tea -Try our range of black tea to keep it traditional or wow your guests with some of our flowering teas.


Afternoon Tea

Find the perfect teapot -  Why not enjoy your afternoon tea in one of our gorgeous new ceramic jun or ru ware teapots or if you are looking for an unusual centerpiece, a glass teapot can certainly create an impression.

Lotus Teaset

Pinkies up - Our lovely glass teacups and saucers are the ideal way to treat your guests to the full afternoon tea experience - remember no chunky mugs allowed!

Classic With Cup and Saucer