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Our Cookie Policy

Like many websites, The Exotic Teapot uses cookies to collect information and provide you with a fully functional shopping experience. By visiting our website with your browser adjusted to allow cookies, you are consenting to us using cookies for the purposes outlined in our Policy below.

What are cookies?

“Cookies” are text-only pieces of information that a website transfers to an individuals hard drive or other website-browsing equipment for record-keeping purposes. Cookies allow the Site to remember important information to make your use of the site more convenient. A cookie will typically contain the name of the domain from which the cookie has come, the “lifetime” of the cookie, and a randomly generated unique number or other value. Certain cookies will be used on the Site regardless of whether you are logged in to your account or not.

Types and role of cookies

We use two types of cookies on our website:

Essential cookies:
These are necessary for the basic functionality of the website. They enable you to login to your account, remember products you add to your shopping basket and allow you to effectively navigate and browse our content. These cookies are session related meaning they are only stored for the duration of your visit and allow you to move from page to page without having to log in repeatedly. They are rendered inactive once you leave our website and are deleted when you close your browser. 

Persistent cookies:
These cookies are not deleted when you close your browser. They can remain until their expiry date or until you wish to delete them yourself through your browser. They enable us to store your site preferences, wishlists and shopping basket contents if you have not already checked out before leaving a previous session. We also use persistent cookies to collect anonymous data about our website traffic and analyse customer behaviour on our website. We use this information to assess the perfomance of our website, advertising and identify areas for improvement.