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Accessorising Your Teapot

Accessorising teaware

Finding the perfect teapot is like finding the perfect car, home or dress, you just know when it's right. And just like a car, home or dress accessories can make the world of difference.

There are a huge range of accessories available for teapots, some are purely aesthetic and some are practical, but all of them will enhance your teapot experience.



WarmersTeapot Warmers

Teapot warmers do exactly what they say on the tin - keep your teapot warm. Warmers create a stand for your teapot and using a small candle or tea light keep your tea hotter for longer. They're perfect for use when you have guests round in order to be able to refill cups without worrying that the tea may have gone cold. The warmer is also a great base to create a stunning teapot display at dinner parties.


Cast iron teapots are brilliant for keeping their heat, but that does mean they can easily scald surfaces and ruin table tops. Using a matching trivet will lift the base of the teapot off the surface, preventing any damage, it also provides a sturdy base should the table get knocked. Trivets are essential if you intend to use your cast iron teapot as a kettle on a gas or wood-burning stove.

Tea CosiesTea Cosies

Another method of keeping tea warm is through the use of a tea cosy, which insulates the teapot. Once a vital statement for Victorians, the kitsch appeal of tea cosies has made them a popular option once again. A beautiful, hand crocheted tea cosy can set your teapot apart from others, making it a unique talking point, whilst keeping your tea warm and fresh at the same time.

Tea Infusers

Tea infusers (sometimes called a teaball, tea maker or tea egg) are a great way to avoid a messy tea strainer or steep your loose leaf tea in your favourite mug. Infusers come in all shapes and sizes allowing you to steep loose leaf tea in pretty much any vessel. What's important to remember, regardless of shape or size, is that you should only ever fill an infuser half way, to ensure the leaves have room to move around and release flavour.