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The Fusioon Spoon has been created as an ideal accessory to manage the perfect brew. Tea drinking can be made exceedingly refined if one is able to use the tea bag, hot water and stirrer appropriately. The ‘Fusioon’ spoon has been created to impart style and utility to tea making. It has been designed to rest comfortably on the brim of the cup, it is able to support the tea bag hanging in the hot water without any danger of it slipping into the cup. Simply stir and sip!!

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The largest tea pot structure in the world belongs to China’s Meitan County. This building assumes the shape of a tea pot and stands right besides a smaller building that looks like a cup. Both of these buildings are open to public for exhibit. This is a remarkable dedication to the tea culture in general. It is a well known fact that China is one of the largest consumers of tea and it is fitting that they are said to sell tea in 'bricks'.

There is nothing like blending art and tea. The art of Origami has been prevalent for a very long time and it is culturally synonymous with the oriental. As a result of the efforts of designer Lee Seo-Jin, The Origami cup design consists of a set of cups that act as an infuser as well. Each of these cups have herbs stored in the bottom and all that is needed to make an origami cup of tea is warm water. You simply unfold, pour and sip!!

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The Karmi Tea Canister has been created to honor the traditional tea utensils, specifically the ones that were made out of wood. This canister has been created using the lathing technique which is more than 50 years old. Made out of cherry wood, this canister has been created by cutting the wood structure thinly and vertically, it is then lacquered to create the bohemian shape that is not only pleasant to look at but is also a reminder that tea has inspired beautiful craft and forms.

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Artist Lynn Ludemann aswell as painting beautiful landscapes creates functional structures out of discarded materials. She creates these antique looking sculptural clocks out of old teapots, as a collectors item she has a range of these unique clocks on her website, each one evoking a sense of royal or extinguished decor into interior design. The teapot shape is the basic structure and the designs are some of the most beautiful that you will ever come across. This is an inspirational piece by a tea lover for clock lovers.

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Tea House table once again show that there is no shortage of style and elegance in designing items related to tea time. This elegant table has been created by designer Huo Yijin and is the next level in tea drinking. This table has a heat sensitive surface which changes colour when a hot drink is spilt on it. The table itself is set in a dark brown background and it changes to a light brown and green color depending on the temperature of the liquid that falls on it. The table actualy becomes a canvas and looks quite beautiful when sporadically covered in tea.

8.Tea House Table
8.Tea House Table2

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Artist Shawn McGuire has used his unique skills and artistic vision to create a chawan made with an immaculate glaze along with real blast ash. The artist feels that the cup has a strong appearance, it assuredly stands out on any tea table. The artistic touch gives it a rustic appearance which confirms its status as a work of art. This artist is among a rare group who take their art to the next level by blending it with other forms.

19.Chawan Tea Bowl
19.Chawan Tea Bowl2

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Designers Gayle and Amanda have made a tea cup that is stunning in design and one of the most unique tea cups created to this date. While the shape of the cup is just like that of a normal one, the artistic and stylish touches lie in the texture. The whole cup and saucer bears a bubble pattern made by Anchor Hocking. The saucer on one hand is remeniscent of Victorian style utensils, however on the other hand the cup is a perfect reminder of a golf ball.

24.Blue Bubble Tea Cup

24.Blue Bubble Tea Cup2

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Dan Towel of the USA has found a unique use for an old tea pot, a rusted wire and a throw away metal spoon. He has polished and colored these items to create a beautiful birdhouse which looks elegant and tasteful. The spoon has been used as a perch and a hole has been made on the side of the tea pot to make an entrance for the bird. But the most interesting thing is the way the barbed wire has been manipulated to render exquisite beauty.

8.Singing Tea Kettle Birdhouse
8.Singing Tea Kettle Birdhouse1

The Alice in Wonderland Tea Sconce is a beautiful sculpture that helps you visually revisit the wonderful story and characters. Each cup and saucer depicts a character from the book and the presence of the sconce on the tea table can help you easily transcend in the magical wonderland of Alice. 

10.Alice in Wonderland Tea Sconce

10.Alice in Wonderland Tea Sconce2

Steampunk fans would do anything to lay their hands on this originally crafted design. The Steampunk Tea Set honors the genre, it is not only an original design, the teapot has been made using parts from the original Dragon Wells Steam Works founded in 1875. This tea set has been made using 23 carat gold and platinum. It is like a machine pulled right out of the steam punk universe, this is a collector’s item that honors the traditions of tea as well as steam punk.

7.Steampunk Tea Set

7.Steampunk Tea Set1

Green Tea Perfume is a notable creation. Green tea has been known to have amazing health advantages, the creator of the Green Tea perfume took these advantages a step further. It has been realized that the scent of green tea is refreshing and loved by many. The Green Tea Solid perfume offers these fragrances in a small pack that can be kept easily on hand, the scents include notes of green tea, orange blossoms, lemon, ginger and vetiver.

16.Green Tea Perfume

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Tea is wonderful and so are the jars that it comes in. An artist in the USA - like many of us, has used tea jars to make candle holders, an idea so simple that creates such a charming atmosphere. This artist has just torn up pages from a old book, tea dyed them for a vintage look and hey presto! This unique candle holder helps one notice the packaging of a daily item in a new way and also instills an urge for a hot brew, and so the cycle continues! 

13.Tea Jar Candle Holder
13.Tea Jar Candle Holder1

There are many functional designs in tea sets but this particular one is practical, simple and beautiful. This customized tea set carries an aura of the bygone era. It looks like the earthenware used at a time when there was no electricity and fine dining called for a large table outdoors with roasted meat hunted the same day. This tea set comprises of a teapot on top of a cookie jar which has 3 hooks on which to hang the cups. Stacked items have never looked more beautiful.

14.Stocked Tea Set
14.Stocked Tea Set1

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If you want your table to look vibrant and fun then bring out the Jubilation Funky Tea Set from your arsenal. This is a tea set that has been designed especially for those who like to celebrate any occasion they can. This design exhibits a zest for life and is perfect for those who believe in living every moment with happiness and fervor.

19.Jubilation Funky Tea Set
19.Jubilation Funky Tea Set1

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There is no other way to look more stylish than adopting oriental traditions into your tea habits. The Etched Porcelain Teacup Tumbler is exactly the kind of item to do that with. This is an exquisite piece of work in brown and mustard colours. The external design is etched onto its surface. All the work is done by hand and the process, needless to say is intricate. You can use this little tumbler at the tea table and see how many questions about its make, design and history are thrown at you.

21.Etched Porcelain Teacup Tumbler
21.Etched Porcelain Teacup Tumbler1

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Want something delicate looking on your tea table? Try the Flower Petal tea set. This tea set has been created by Patricia Wong, who has brought the beauty and softness of flower petals to the table. The set comprises of a tea pot, a milk pot, 2 cups and a plate, all of which look like they have unfolded from a rose. These organic shapes are soothing and elegant, they bring an effortless sophistication to afternoon tea.

29.Flower Petal tea set
29.Flower Petal tea set1

If you were to take the style of tea drinking to a new high, then all that you would have to seek is this new tea infuser. The artist has called it the 'Depth Tea Infuser' and it looks more like a sculpted alien artifact from a sci-fi film rather than something to go on the kitchen table. The body has been cast in sterling silver, titanium bezels are inlaid in the body and the handle has a titanium finish too. This has to be one of the most elegant tea infusers you will ever come across.

1.Depth Tea Infuser3
1.Depth Tea Infuser

This is a teapot that is less of a utensil and more of an art. Its rendition does not conform to any norms and hence it stands on its own, with no known associations or similarities. The artist has named it as Teapot #6. To our knowledge the number represents nothing either. Spalted Magnolia and Bloodwood are the materials used in this abstract structure. You may not ever use it as a teapot but simply leave it on a shelf to be exhibited as a work of art.

10.Abstract Teapot

'Between the East and West' is a teapot that has been designed to look out of this world. It looks more like a mythical creature out of Greek mythology than a functional teapot. This teapot has been created by designer Natasha Dikareva who has tried to incorporate the mythologis from around the globe into her art. The illustration on the pot features roman pillars and statues from the 1st century BC, perhaps inspired by the Library of Alexandria. The mouth of the pot is actually the mouth of the face which works well and also forms a beautiful sculpture!

13.Between the East and West teapot

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