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Mint tea is apparently good for your cats health. A little cold peppermint tea is beneficial not just for their physical health, but is also said to have a positive impact on feline mentality. It has been concluded that they tend to be more agile and their senses sharper after regular consumption of mint tea. Mint is related to catnip, a happy drug for felines that gives them a feel good factor. So order’s up for your cat!

According to accredited research drinking tea can boost your mental state. Tea has amino acid L-theanine which helps the brain relax and stay focused.  Drinking 4 cups daily of black tea lowers cortisol, the hormone associated with stress.  Red teas are known to relax irritations; green tea studies have shown that 2 cups daily reduce the risk of confusion by 50%.  The infamous late British actor and play writer, Arthur W. Pinero was correct:  Where there’s tea there’s hope.

What would you do if you ordered your tea and you were served hot water in a cup and a pack of cigarettes instead of tea bags? Would you call the waiter back and ask him to take it back or would you simply pull a cigarette out, tap it on the table and dip it in the cup? The answer is, you dip the cigarette in your tea cup, add a lump of sugar, stir, have your tea, pick up your hat and leave. Yes, this is a tea bag that looks like a cigarette and has a tagline “Don’t smoke tea, drink cigarettes”.


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Prepare and drink tea with chopsticks. This is not just a crazy whim but one of the most innovative ways to drink tea. Some might say that this is not possible on this planet, they are right. Tea has been consumed in space using chopsticks. The International Space Station has been a hub of many out of this world experiments, including this one. With the space flight to be commercialized in the near future, you will also be able to gather the unique experience of using chopsticks to drink tea.

So you don't have time to relax and enjoy your cup of special green tea? Days of worry are over; all you need to do is to pop a green tea capsule! For all green tea lovers out there, you now have the option of thinking beyond tea pots and tea cups. Have it on the go, while you are heading out or even in the park, when you want it is when you have it. It is certainly a fast and effective way of never missing out on the health benefits of your favorite tea again.

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So you think that the teapot that you purchased last weekend was really expensive? Here is something to console you. A pair of “famille rose” coral ground teapots from the Quianlong Period were sold for $1,264,629 at an auction in Hong Kong. These pots have been painted with landscapes in blue and green colours. The design of the art indicates the appreciation of European landscapes. Hence not only are they the most expensive teapots in the world, but they also explore the European connection of China 200 years back. 

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There have been ways to serve a drink but there is nothing quite like flipping a coin and let it drop into a cup of hot water. Let it dissolve and sip it in leisure. Now tea coins have become popular and they are being used more and more considering that the teabags have been around for a very long time. Just the new round compact structure seems so modern, nowGreen Tea has another fad attached to it. Certainly stylish! 

More good news awaits the tea drinkers. Now every time you use a tea bag, save it and do not toss it aside; you can use the tea bags for cleaning your house in numerous ways! They are especially perfect for wooden furniture as if you scrub your floor with them, the tannins present in black tea will help your floor gleam with the richness of rustic beauty. They can also be used to clean other furniture as well. Who would have known?

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Keeping your tea pot warm has never been more fun. Tea cozies have now taken a huge creative turn and are no longer made with any traditional styles in mind. Think really funky and really different and you have the special ‘Party Girl’ tea cozy and it is just one of them! It has the cool retro yet feminine look and even looking at it is a whole lot of fun! So, dress your tea pot as you want and do not be afraid to try outstandingly designed tea cozies to pep up your tea time.

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Collecting teabag labels is a unique hobby but how far can you go ahead with it? Felix Rotter took this rather seriously and carried it to the next level. How many teabag labels could you have collected? One hundred, five hundred, two thousand, maybe? Hold on to your breath! Felix Rotter has got a collection of TEN THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED labels of different tea bags from ninety three countries. He is the world record holder for collecting the most tea bag labels. Beat that!

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It cannot get any more expansive than this. We are not referring to the tea bag, but the love for them that made Boodles jewelers make a teabag studded with diamonds. This teabag is worth £7,500 and has been handcrafted using 280 diamonds. This teabag took 3 months in the making. Boodles expresses its happiness by dedicating the tea bag to the people of Britain for their love of tea. This love for tea will be appreciated in the form of buyers when this teabag goes for auction to raise money for charity.

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Research has indicated that the use of compost tea enriches the soil with nitrogen. The nutrients of compost tea enrich the soil like no other fertilizer can. Some claim that compost made from tea is gold for plants. The presence of compost tea in the soil helps the breakdown of complex organic matter into simpler forms that are easily absorbed by plants. Also, tea helps as a detox for soil and keeps germs and plant diseases away. Its presence will also deter any pets from attacking the plants.

There is a place if you visit which, which will claim to serve instant tea. All that you will see are small bottles of mineral water but do not be mis led, all you have to do is twist the cap and Voila! 1.4 grams of high grade matcha green tea is released into the water straight away reading for drinking!

Introducing the glowing tea bags, which sadly contain no tea at all. But are still pretty cool! When submerged in water the bags and the water glow this amazing yellow colour. A unique idea at least.

If you're up for trying new things and you like tea...and eggs, then the first on the list will be the Pidan. This is a delicacy in China meaning 'Century Egg' when translated into English. It is made by soaking an egg in tea and adding lime, clay, ash and salt. The eggs are covered in this mixture and are then wrapped in rice straws and stored for weeks or months. The eggs then have a dark green yolk when broken and taste like cheese. Exotic indeed!

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This is the Tea Cup Lamp an interior décor design for all those creative tea lovers out there. Simplicity and innovation have made this design unique, an everday object has been transformed into something that can create a mood or change a room. The tea lamp design comprises of a lamp shade that is made to look like a tea cup. When hung upside down, a tea bag hangs from inside which when pulled lights up the lamp.

Can you use light to make a cup of tea? Estelle Sauvage has designed an ingenious kettle that uses a light bulb to heat up water. The wonderfully unique teapot is designed to incorporates a light bulb inside the base of the kettle which can heat the water to 90 degree's. As the bulb and electricity is all kept seperate from the water inside the pot there is no danger of getting electrocuted first thing in the morning!

The benefits of drinking rooibos tea continue to increase.  Most notably is the discovery that it contains SOD, short for superoxide dismutase.  This enzyme is a cellular antioxidant that actually seeks out free radicals that damage cell proteins and genetic materials hence, leaving cells vulnerable to cancer.  SOD is the body’s primary defense against these radicals.  Unfortunately, it is not found in most foods.  Research has proven that SOD can repair the tissue damage after a heart attack and illnesses of the kidneys, intestines and pancreas. 

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It is time to stop considering tea to be a beverage only and see beyond. Might you be looking for a new deodorant? How about one that is made of tea. You can buy a stick of deodorant that has got tea as an ingredient and it is made of all natural ingredients. It is always a good thing to promote the use of natural ingredients in everyday products. Indulge!

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Drinking tea can bring out the budding astrologer in you! Yes, you can ‘read’ tea leaf patterns after you stir your tea and know whats in store. This rather unique process entails you interpreting the shapes of clusters of tea leaves that get settled in the corners of your cup. From simple symbols like Triangles, Squares and Circles to more complex ones like an Arrow, Rose or Star, they all carry definite meanings. 

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