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Discover the world of tea with our beautiful tea sets

I love introductory sets. Everything is there for you. It’s a gift in the truest sense because the essential ingredients for an experience have been assembled with care and knowledge for you to receive or give. With this in mind, we’ve put together a range of Discovery Tea Sets, pitch-perfect introductions to loose-leaf tea combining an artisan teapot with a tea of your choice --and cups too if you wish.

How to pick a tea set

Your first question: what kind of teapot?

To answer this you should start with the main type of tea you want to brew, or the type of gift you are giving. We’ve put together a guide to help you:

- Glass teapots: essential for flowering teas, but they can also be used with any type of tea. Bear in mind they lose heat more quickly than ceramic or cast iron teapots, so if you are buying a larger teapot you might consider a teapot warmer stand. They are dishwasher safe. All our teapots have either a strainer coil or sit-in glass infuser, to prevent tea leaves getting into your cup.

- Ceramic teapots: a classic all-rounder. They conserve heat but don’t tend to over-brew delicate teas. They are less fragile than glass teapots, and lighter than cast iron teapots. They are not dishwasher safe, but are easily cleaned by hand.

- Cast iron teapots: they keep the tea warmer for longer, and you can use them directly on a gas stove, brewing the tea directly. Our cast iron pots have an enamel lacquer, so they don’t damage the flavour of more delicate white and green teas. They are easily cleaned by hand. They are extremely durable and will be a long-standing tea companion.

Your second question: what size teapot do I need?

A Teapot for one is approximately 300 - 450ml, and for two, 600ml. 900 - 1000ml is for groups of four to enjoy. Remember the size of your cup also affects the amount of tea you get from a pot. Chinese tea cups are naturally smaller, and a Gong Fu Cha style tea set will include even smaller cups for sipping (traditionally a Gong Fu Cha teapot is about 450ml but it can be larger if there are more people).

Our Lotus, Prestige and Classic glass teapots come in two sizes, either small, medium or large (400ml to 1000ml). The double-walled glass cups to accompany these teapots are 80ml each.

Our ceramic teapots, Jun and Ru Crackle, are both 700ml, ideal for 2-3 150ml (large) cups.

Our cast iron teapots range in size between 600 - 900ml. Cups are sold separately and are 100ml each.

Mug infusers

Another option you may want to consider is a mug infuser. Our bespoke glass infuser mixes modern aesthetics with function: the infuser sits in the mug snugly, so its roomy enough for flowering tea to unfurl, and afterwards you simply remove the infuser and drink straight from the mug for a longer tea.

A mug infuser might suit someone who doesn’t have much space, or who wants to enjoy their tea at work or on the go. It’s neat & tidy and melds traditional tea drinking with a modern lifestyle.

Tea flask

We even have a thermal flask infuser perfect for enjoying loose leaf tea at work. The Wushu porcelain tea flask is hand-painted in traditional porcelain art. A flask fit for emperors commuting to London.

Accessories, gift wrap & personal messages

All of our Discovery sets come in a handmade flower-pressed box, an exquisite object in itself made by a skilled craftsperson.

You can have your box gift-wrapped by us for a small extra charge. We can also include a personal message on a card from you.

The final choice

The final choice may just come down to a particular teapot you really like, or what looks best on your dining room table. That’s fine too. We’ve included some photos and links to some of our most popular tea sets to get you started.