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Flowering Tea: Brings magic to children in North Bali

One of the Exotic Teapot team, Shan Iliffe, spent a month this summer volunteering at an orphanage in Singaraja, North of Bali. Narayan Seva Children’s Home is a residence for children whose families cannot afford their education or live too far away from a school. If they still have parents they visit them once every few months but most of them are orphans.

Shan took some of the Exotic Teapot Flowering Blooms with her to show the children. She was overwhelmed by their response; ”The kids were stunned by the blooming tea, and they were cheering on when the flower opened and they also all wanted to taste the tea. One little girl called Kiiran (the girl in the pink floral dress, see photo) kept the flower, a Jasmine Fairy, to make tea over and over again for the next few days. She was only 6 years old! They were all fascinated by the flowering tea, they made me show them three times!”

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