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Green Tea Gongfu Way

gonfu teaMaking tea using the 1,000 year old Gongfu tradition requires a series of steps to brew. This process is particularly favourable with high quality green (as shown)  and scented teas. Two Yixing teapots are preferred. 

  1. Heat water to near boiling
  2. Rinse teapot with hot water and drain
  3. Not touching the leaves, fill pot 1/3 full of loose tea
  4. Fill pot ½ full with the heated water
  5. Keeping the leaves in the pot, drain water immediately
  6. Warm tea bowls or cups using more hot water then empty
  7. Fill the teapot again with fresh hot water, allowing it to steep for 30 seconds
  8. Pour the tea into another teapot
  9. Fill tea bowls or cups for drinking

Using the bouquet of green tea and Yixing teapots in this manner is similar to savouring a fine wine.

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