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Blog postings suspended

We've temporarily suspending future postings to our teapot blog for the time being. All the past years blogs are still available if you wish to browse or search for anything. We do maintain an active presence on popular social networks such as Twitter and Facebook where you can currently check out our latest ramblings, offers and promotions.

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Create your own Tea Set Offer

Its now easy to create your own custom gift tea set at The Exotic Teapot. Simply choose any one of our teapots and select the "Include all items in Gift Box" option.
You can then add up to 3 tins of any tea, cups or even accessories to your shopping basket. We'll package it all up in one of our beautiful flower pressed gift boxes and even add a personalised message card for you. Just let us know the text you require when you check out.

Enter coupon code BOX12 on checkout and we'll include the gift box for free. This offer is valid until Midnight, Sunday 16th December.

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Free Tea offer this weekend only

Order any of our Gourmet Tea Sets this weekend and we'll include a complimentary pouch of our delicious Rooibos Chocolate Orange Christmas tea (25g). Each Gourmet Set comes beautifully packaged in our exclusive flower pressed gift box. Simply choose your tea set and go to check out. We'll be sure to add the free tea to your order along with any optional gift wrap or even a personal message if desired. And with our convenient and reliable delivery, a unique gourmet set could well be the perfect Christmas present for any tea lover. Offers end at Midnight on Sunday 9th December.

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New Tea Gift Baskets

It's never easy to come up with an original gift idea that's both affordable and sure to be appreciated by the recipient. We think our new tea gift baskets fit the bill perfectly especially with Christmas now on the horizon. We've selected our finest, best selling teas and packaged them together in an attractive wicker basket. There are three different but very complementary teas to savour in each gift basket and prices start from only £11.

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Just received our new Cast Iron Teapots

This style of teapot has been very popular this year given its ability to evenly diffuse heat and keep the tea hotter for longer. Without mentioning they also look fantastic on the dinner table. There are four new models to choose from, each with an enamel coated interior and a removable tea infuser basket.

For your added peace of mind, any orders made on our website between November 1st and Christmas benefit from our Extended Returns period until January 31st 2013. So if ever your recipient doesn't like their new gift on Christmas Day, you'll still have over 30 days to return it to us for a full refund. This year, there's every reason to do your Christmas shopping early at The Exotic Teapot and avoid the last minute rush.

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Avestruz Teapot

Avestruz Teapot is a uniquely designed teapot, which looks like an Ostrich with its head on the ground. Designer Daniel Marcelo Salvatore has built this exquisite teapot with complete precision and utter elegance. The pure porcelain body, with passionate reddish hue, sets tremendous aura of calmness and grace in the morning. Most importantly, this sophisticated product comes in a total package with four cups. Cups are also designed to keep harmonization with the teapot. That is why they also have long Ostrich neck like holding pieces, which are bended up to the ground level. Creative mind of Daniel Marcelo Salvatore deserves appreciation for this brilliant teapot and tea set.

8. Avestruz Teapot
8a. Avestruz Teapot 
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The Rocking Teapot

What can be better than sitting on the rocking chair and enjoying the fresh brewed tea? Well, Betina Piqueras may have felt the same, as she designed an antique finished teapot which comes with a wooden base and four metallic stands, holding the porcelain pot over the wooden plate. It is a kind of hanging teapot arrangement which is designed to cater ease of pouring tea over the cup. Give a gentle effort to bend the teapot over the cup and enjoy the magnificent sight of your favorite liquor, falling into the cup! Subtle outlook, elegant design and efficient performance are what this teapot features!
7. The Rocking Teapot
7a. The Rocking Teapot 
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Artist Lotte Alpert’s Lazy Teapot

The name of this piece of teapot may sound a bit weird, through the functionality of it, is highly efficient and appreciating! Basically it is a crazy designer teapot for the lazy people, who want to have their cup of tea with downright easiness, without losing bed comfort. This porcelain built teapot is mounted over a stand or holding portion, which helps the porcelain pot to lean forward. Thus, making it easy to pour the fresh morning brewed tea in the cup! The teapot is also outfitted with a mechanism which can keep the tea inside hot in any temperature. Effective, efficient and emblazing outlook have made this teapot a stunning kitchen item, as well as a handy piece of product too!
6a. Artist Lotte Alpert s Lazy Teapot
6. Artist Lotte Alpert s Lazy Teapot 
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Leaning Tower Teapot

Who does not know about the leaning tower of Pisa? Loads of controversies, scientific observations are fizzing around with amazing historic sculpture. But, who ever thought that it will act as a sublime factor for designing an amazing teapot? Well, leaning tower teapot is a ceramic set of tea cookery, which has been designed by keeping the great leaning tower of Pisa in mind. Guess what? The teapot has also a leaning structure, which make it very identical not only in terms of design, but in terms of angle from the plain! Having this piece of pristine white beauty, would be a perfect kitchen décor idea!

5. Leaning Tower Teapot
5a. Leaning Tower Teapot 
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Free Flowering Tea Earlybird Offer

Make any order this week of £25 or more (including shipping) on our website and we'll include a sampler pouch of FIVE different flowering teas absolutely FREE. Each hand-tied flowering tea magically blooms into an original design when steeped in hot water and tastes as good as it looks.

Don't delay in placing your order as this Earlybird Offer is only valid for a limited time while stocks last.

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Pink Tahiti Blossom

Donna Causland’s creations have been perpetually inspired from bizarre yet beautiful and enticing Alpine flowers. These flowers from the Rocky Mountain have continued to motivate her and have been her eternal muse. The “pink Tahiti blossom” is an admirable piece of art, very dainty very elegant. Her use of glaze technique is well articulated here and what we see is a beautiful pink flower with entwining vines sitting daintily and crowning the tea pot. This is a lucid reflection of the artist’s persona and vehemently spells femininity and grace. This tea pot is surely a definitive piece of extraordinary craftsmanship.
3. Pink Tahiti Blossom
3a. Pink Tahiti Blossom
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Teapot fable

The “teapot fable” is one of the most strangest and inscrutable form of art ever seen. Created by Deborah Kaplan Evans this teapot bearing the nomenclature “teapot fable” is very disturbing to the eyes initially but delving deep into this object of art one can understand the concealed and intrinsic emotions of almost a pro human face immersed in rage, vehemence, wrath and upheaval. The art form is made very inquisitive with the two lamb heads jutting out from the head and belly of the cannibalistic creature giving us a sense of engulfing. Just like the creator’s vision this art piece is very ambiguous and whimsical.
2. Teapot fable

2a. Teapot fable
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Harpy Sisters, Giant Teapots

Clay artist Eugenia Frith Meltzer has portrayed her richly eccentric and capricious artistic self by portraying the “Harpy Sisters” as her ultimate muse and giving birth to a new rendition of the “harpy sisters” of the Greek mythology through her exquisitely crafted set of soda fired giant teapots named as the “harpy sisters”. As mythology articulates them to be winged creatures, here too these teapots are embellished with wings and are delineated to be looking upwards full of wrath and fury. This is an exquisite piece of art vehemently expressing the creator’s whimsical persona and holding elephantine potential of attracting a connoisseur’s orb.

1a. Harpy Sisters Giant Teapots
1. Harpy Sisters Giant Teapots

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20% off Flowering Tea Gift Baskets

Our popular tea baskets are on special offer this week. Enjoy 20% off some of our most popular flowering tea tins like Dancing Lovers, Jasmine Fusion and 1000 Day Flower.
These beautifully packaged baskets make great gifts for friends and family. Each hand-tied flowering tea magically blooms when steeped in hot water and tastes as good as it looks.

Offer valid while stocks last. Don't forget we now offer Next Day Delivery as the standard service on all our products.

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Standard Next Day Delivery

We now offer Next Day Delivery as our standard UK service with full tracking and a one hour delivery window.

You will no longer need to wait in all day anymore without knowing when you'll receive your order. If you let us know your mobile number when placing an order, our new courier Interlink Express will send you a text beforehand with a suggested One Hour delivery window. If the proposed time is not convenient, you will be given several options to reschedule your delivery. If you prefer to receive your order on a specific date, just let us know and we'll arrange the delivery appropriately.

The best part is we've managed to mostly maintain and in some cases even reduce our previous Royal Mail prices. More details on our new affordable Next Day rates and other UK/European delivery services can be found here.

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Bank Holiday Sale

Enjoy up to 50% off our beautiful flowering teas this bank holiday weekend. It's the perfect opportunity to stock up on your favourite variety. Our flowering teas are hand-made by Chinese teamasters using the finest Silver Needle green tea. Simply steep the tea blossom in water and watch it unfurl into a stunning floral composition that tastes as good as it looks. Each flowering tea is individually packaged and labeled and is sold in either a silver 5 blossom tin or larger quantity pouch.

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Teapet Giant Teapot

One of the most beautiful art forms is the Teapet Giant teapot collection. This art form has been created by Artist Eugenia Frith Meltzer is a clay artist who has created some of the most spectacular teapots and other sculptures. It seems that these teapots have derived its inspiration from the Lochness monster. The teapots are in the shape of a beast which is looking upwards and seems like the beasts are howling or about to pounce.

27.Teapet Giant Teapot
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Wicker Teapot

Artist Sandy Kinzie has designed this Mini teapot as a dedication to the wicker items that were used in the yester years. This teapot is called the Mini tea pot but if you take one look at it, the first thing that would come to mind is the wicker basket that is mentioned in so many stories including that of Little Red Riding hood. Those who have seen their grandmothers using wicker items would know better than anyone how similar this teapot is to wicker work.

30.Wicker Teapot
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Transformation Teapot

Artist Deborah Kaplan Evan has created a teapot design called Transformation which is one of the strangest teapots that you can come across. This is not a teapot but a philosophical art work that poses questions of dilemmas and the difficulty of change. It is an expressive work of art, which when you need to- can also be used for pouring that hot steaming brew for your guests. The mere pot itself will send them into a world of ideas about dealing with life.

29.Transformation Teapot
29.Transformation Teapot2
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Footed Teapot

Artist John Hopkins is known for his exclusive design work but with the Footed Teapot, he has taken his work to the next level. This is a teapot that has been designed in green and yellow glaze colors. It features the distinctive signature style of the artist which comes in the form of a twisted shape that makes one doubt whether this item is made from clay or from metal. The twist is most distinct in the nozzle. The body has been beautifully glazed in both colors.

28.Footed Teapot
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