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Tea ware fit for an Emperor : Jun Ware

Our Jun ware range is made using techniques that hark back to the time of the Northern Song Dynasty in China (960 AD -1279 AD). Originally the teaware of the Imperial Court. Jun ware came from the famouse kiln in Yuzhou, in an area called Jun Tai, hence the name Jun Yao.

No two pieces of Jun ware are alike, each piece has it’s own magic, and is given life with it’s own colours and textures. Jun ware is typically thickly glazed in bright turquoise and purple and had the effect of it melting off the golden-brown clay vessel. The unique features are created through the a combination of the quality of the clay, the raw materials and chemicals used in the glaze and the all important firing process.

These pieces were so prized that the Royal Government decreed that they were ‘Royal Treasures’ and therefore should only be used by royalty. In China they say that "Gold has a price, but Jun Yao is priceless." They are still highly prized today, in 1995, an authentic Song Jun piece was sold at auction price of HK$ 1.45 million and in 1999 another piece sold for the princely sum of HK$6 million.

Jun Ware Teapot