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The best way to make matcha tea

Japanese tea ceremony
It is no secret that matcha tea is great for you. There have been plenty of studies into the power of matcha, and just what this powerful green tea can do for you. But one thing that is a bit of a pain about matcha, is making sure that it is made perfectly. Just to make sure that you can enjoy your delicious cup of frothy matcha as and when you want to, we have put together our top tips on the best way to make matcha tea.

Have the right tools
When you see matcha being made in a traditional tea ceremony in Japan, they often have a vast array of different tools to hand. Whilst you can recreate this in our own home, the truth is that you really only need a good quality bamboo whisk, a tea strainer and a bowl to make the ideal cup of matcha.

Sift the matcha
Not a big fan of finding lumps in your matcha? If not, then you need to make sure that you sift the powder in. This can be done using a tea strainer, placed above the bowl. The powder can be popped into the strainer and sifted through, making for a smooth and lump free mixture. You should aim to use around 1-2 teaspoons of matcha powder.

Add the water
For the best matcha, it is a good idea to use water that is just past the boil, that way it is still nice and hot, but that it isn’t going to scald the powder. You will need to add around 20oz of water to your teaspoons of matcha.

Whisk it up
Once you have added your water to the powder, it is time to get mixing. Whilst a spoon is okay with normal tea, matcha needs something a little more heavy duty to make sure that it is perfectly mixed up. This is where the whisk comes in handy. You should try to whisk nice and vigorously, using a zig zag motion. This will make sure that the tea becomes frothy, which is exactly the result that you will want to achieve.

Drink it
The last stage is probably our favourite. After all that prep it is time to dive in and enjoy your perfectly made matcha! You have definitely earnt it.

If you are in a hurry, then you can make matcha in a cup, simply mixing the powder with hot water. However, if you really want a high quality cup of matcha, then take the time to prepare the matcha and you will really feel the benefit.