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Three Terrific Teas to Toast #NationalAfternoonTeaWeek

The British apparently drink 165 million cups of tea everyday, making a total of 60.2 billion cups per year! That is why there is not just a national day celebrating afternoon tea but rather a whole week. Here are three of our favourite black teas we suggest as the perfect accompaniment to your Victoria Sponge and cucumber sandwiches;


Assam Breakfast

Assam Breakfast Tea: This high grade 2nd flush tea boasts a wiry, colourful leaf that produces a rich, malty taste with a spicy twist. Our Supreme Assam is sourced from the famous Mokalbari East Estate, one of the top tea gardens in the Assam region of India.


Darjeeling Tea 

Darjeeling:'The champagne of black teas'. Our Supreme variety is a delightfully intense Darjeeling with a delicate floral bouquet. A truly exceptional example of this tea. It is sourced from the famous and highly reputable Happy Valley tea estate and boasts a fresh, clean taste with a zesty afternote.


Earl Grey

Supreme Earl Grey:Our Supreme Earl Grey tea is an aromatic blend of the finest spicy Yunnan leaves, real blue mallow blossoms and natural Bergamot. We only use high quality leaves to ensure a rich, slightly spicy flavour. Usually enjoyed best with a little milk.

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