Why use a glass teapot?

Why use a glass teapot?

Flowering teas are more than just a drink; they are an experience for all the senses and they're best appreciated when steeped in a glass teapot. As the water is poured on the tea leaves will slowly unfurl and blossom into an exquisite flower - the perfect, captivating spectacle for guests or a special occasion.

Most people recoil in horror at the thought of a glass teapot, believing them to be delicate or simply not up to taking hot water without cracking. Flowering teas need to be seen to be appreciated and to do that a glass teapot is necessary, but it means there are glass teapots that have been specifically designed for the job!

Quality of glass

It's all about the grade and thickness of the glass. All of our glass teapots use 2.2 - 2.5mm thick, high-grade borosilicate glass making them tough enough to cope with regular use and water at boiling point.

Despite their robustness glass teapots appear delicate to the eye, with a gentle spout, soft handle and beautifully crafted lid, perfectly complimenting the flowering tea blossom and adding to the 'wow' experience.


The Exotic Teapot glassware is hand-blown by master glass makers, so no two teapots are ever identical, each one has it's own personality and history. The shape, size and design of glass teapots vary greatly though, from pots to accommodate one to those which can quench the thirst of a family.


Once the flowering tea has been enjoyed, the resulting bloom can be displayed for up to a week giving you the perfect opportunity to display your glass teapot too. Simply fill it regularly with some cold water (which stops the brewing process) and the teapot and bloom make a stunning table centrepiece.