Teaware FAQ

What makes your glass teapots so different?

Simply put, it's all about the quality. Chinese glass teapots can vary enormously in quality depending on the grade and thickness of the glass. We insist on only using 2.2-2.5mm thick, high grade borosilicate glass in all our hand-blown teaware. Our production runs are also quite small compared to many companies due to our emphasis on quality control. This high level of quality means our teaware can be recommended for commercial environments like restaurants and hotels. We also offer many exclusive designs, some with or without infusers.

How to know if I own an Exotic Teapot product?

All our glassware includes a small white or coloured Exotic Teapot flower logo on the base to signify this is a high quality product and not a cheap imitation.

Please note also that we can only provide service or replacements parts for our own branded products. Our spare lids and infusers are not designed to fit other brands models. You'll need to contact the manufacturer directly for any replacement parts.

Are your glass teapots heat resistant & dishwasher safe?

All our hand blown glass teapots are made from heat resistant, borosilicate glass. Each teapot has a temperature range of between -4 and 300 degrees F. Although they have been tested safe for dishwashers and microwaves, we still recommend they are cleaned manually whenever possible to avoid scratching or accidental breakages.

Is it safe to ship a glass tea set or teapot?

Our glass tea sets are carefully packaged to minimise any breakages during delivery. Each set comes in a hand-made pressed flower gift box. Inside the gift box, the various items are either individually boxed themselves or carefully bubble wrapped. The inside of the box is also padded with tissue paper to protect the items. The sets are then packed in a sturdy cardboard box and shipped by next day courier. In the rare event of a breakage, please email us immediately so we can arrange a replacement. Please see our return policy for further information.

How can I clean my glass teapot?

Although all our teapots and cups are made of borosilicate glass and dishwasher safe, we still recommend you clean them manually. Simply rinsing them out in warm water should be enough to keep them clean most of the time. Try to avoid using soapy liquids. If they are very soiled, a weak solution of vinegar and water may do the trick.

Can I buy spare lids or infusers?

Replacement lids and infusers for many of our teapot models are available for purchase in the Spare Parts section of the website.

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