The Exotic Teapot

Green Tea Selection Box

Green Tea Selection Box
Supreme Cherry Sencha
Supreme Gunpowder Temple of Heaven
Supreme Dragon Well
Supreme Jasmine Pearls
The Exotic Teapot

Green Tea Selection Box

Indulge in the diverse world of green teas with our Exquisite Green Tea Selection Box. This curated collection is carefully chosen to include some of the most revered green teas, each offering its own distinct character and depth of flavour. Encased in a beautifully designed gift box, you will find:

  • Supreme Gunpowder Temple of Heaven (100g): A bold, slightly smoky tea that captivates with its rich flavor.
  • Supreme Jasmine Pearls (75g): Known for their delicate balance of lightly sweet and floral notes.
  • Supreme Cherry Sencha (50g): A fragrant tea that combines the grassy freshness of sencha with the subtle sweetness of cherry.
  • Supreme Dragon Well (50g): Renowned for its nutty and buttery texture that gently awakens the palate.

This selection is perfect for those who cherish the subtle complexities of green tea or are just beginning to explore this fascinating category. Each variety promises a soothing, refined experience that transports you to the lush tea gardens of Asia with every cup.



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