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Flowering Tea and Glass teapots

Dragon Well (Long Jing) TGRE-DRAWELL2

£ 7.95 Weight: 0.16 kg
Dragon Well Long Jing Tea
Available in
Dragon Well Long Jing TeaTea Tin

This particular variety of Long Jing Green tea has a deliciously crisp but delicate taste of orchard fruits that is simply unparalleled.  We've scoured China to discover the very finest green teas, and Dragon Well (Long Jing) is at the top of the green tea quality list. This wonderfully refreshing green tea has a highly distinctive flat leaf which is the result of a painstakingly laborious drying process.

Hangzhou, China
Quantities: Sold in 50g tin. Also available in 125g tins and pouches.
How to prepare: Use 1tsp of tea for 250ml (8oz) of water. Heat water to 85°C (180°F). Steep tea for 2 minutes.

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