goumet-teabagsThe very first example of tea bags was in China, during the Tang Dynasty (618–907), when paper was folded and sewn into square bags to preserve the flavour of the tea.

The first patents for tea bags date back to just 1904, when hand-sewn, fabric bags when made commercially available by the tea and coffee shop merchant Thomas Sullivan from New York. For Sullivan, the bags were simply meant to be a method of transporting the leaves, the tea was intended to be removed from the sample bags by customers, but they found it easier to brew the tea whilst is was enclosed in the porous bags – and so the tea bag was born!

The rectangular tea bag was not seen until 1944, prior to this, tea bags looked like small sacks.


Gourmet Tea BagsWhy Are They So Popular?

Teabags are popular quite simply because they’re so convenient. While the majority of people recognise that loose leaf tea is of much higher quality, the way we consume tea in the UK means tea bags are much easier.


What’s Different About Exotic Teapot’s Teabags?

After years selling loose leaf teas, we’ve released a range of gourmet tea steeples, which contain the exact same tea as you'll find in our popular whole leaf tea tins. Unlike other tea bags, we’ve not made any changes to the tea inside, so you can enjoy the same high quality drink in a convenient bag.

Compared to the tea bags you’ll find on the supermarkets shelves, our gourmet tea bags are a big step up. The large pyramid-shaped bag truly allows the tea to expand, infuse and unleash its full flavour. Not only that, but the mesh bag is made from silk, so it interferes as little as possible with the taste of the tea.

You’ll also find that our gourmet tea bags come in tins, not a cardboard box, so they stay fresher for longer.

Tea Steeples

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