Designer Glass Flowering Tea Set

designer-set-new shan-1000_458912272 Sampler Tin 5 Blooms Double Wall Cup Gift Box
£ 42.00 each

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Our Designer Glass Tea Set makes a great gift for anyone who loves quality tea. It has everything you need to entertain your guests or enjoy a quiet cup of tea all by yourself. This unique set is beautifully packaged in our pressed flower gift box. The Designer set includes our stunning Shan Glass teapot, four double wall glass cups (80ml) and a sampler tin of 5 different Flowering teas. Each tea is individually labeled and vacuum sealed for maximum freshness. The flowering tea designs include Jasmine Fairies, Vanilla Dreams, Dancing Lovers, Peachy Rose and Mango Splash. If you prefer, you can include instead our Flowering Tea Sampler with 10 different blooms or choose up to 3 tins from our range of 12 delicious loose leaf teas and infusions.

The Shan teapot has a maximum capacity of 700ml. Normal usage capacity is 650ml. The teapot also includes a removable coil filter in the spout for loose leaf teas. Please see the Teapot Sizes tab for more details.

Complement further your tea set by adding a large bamboo water tray, gift wrap and a personal message if required.

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Customer Feedback
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2014-11-03 11:28
There was a slight mix up on my part with my order, had a lovely gentleman call me and sorted the order out. Absolutely stunning presentation. Beautifully packaged and the flowering teas were captivating and delicious. The teapot and double walled glasses are beautifully crafted. I would highly recommend The Exotic Teapot to everyone. The only problem is that I bought this as a gift for my daughter, I now find myself spoilt for choice as to which to buy myself!!

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