Green Ru Crackle Glaze Tea Set

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Green Tea
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This beautiful pale green ceramic tea set is hand fired using a traditional crackle glazing technique known as Ru Ware. Originally used for the Chinese Imperial courts of the Song dynasty, this firing technique creates a series of unique crackles in the glazed ceramic. A top layer of glaze is then applied to ensure the crackles retain their clean appearence and are protected from any impurities.

This beautiful tea set contains our green Ru Ceramic teapot (700ml), two matching Ru cups (150ml) and your choice of loose leaf tea. It all comes beautifully packaged in our handmade, pressed flower gift box.

The teapot has a maximum capacity of 700ml, enough to easily serve 2- 3 standard size cups. A removable, stainless steel tea infuser is included to brew all varieties of loose leaf tea.



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