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Flowering Tea Sampler 5
Flowering Tea Sampler 5 Tea Tins Tea Ball
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The perfect introduction to our stunning flowering teas. Each tea is sealed for maximum freshness, and individually labelled to help you identify your favourite. Sold in a sampler tin of 5 or 10 different blooms, each of which will spectacularly unfurl to life in a slightly different way. The high-quality Mao Feng gives a mild taste of quality green tea with a hint of other flavours behind it, and depending on the design of the flower that you go for, you can entertain as you give your guests a delicious cup of tea.

Our flowering green tea is naturally very low in caffeine, high in antioxidants and can be steeped 3 or more times without tasting bitter. That means that just one flowering tea bloom can make up to 2 litres of tea.

Individually packaged, vacuum sealed blooms in different sized tins and pouches.

Sampler Tin (5 Blooms) contains Jasmine Fairies, Vanilla Dreams, Dancing Lovers, Peachy Rose and Mango Splash.
Sampler Tin (10 Blooms) contains Roselle Melody, Jasmine Bow, Heart of Gold, Lychee Snow, Peachy Rose, Jasmine Fairies, Mango Splash, Vanilla Dreams, Orange Osmanthus, Dancing Lovers.

50 Bloom Samplers (5 different teas) and 100 Bloom Samplers (10 different teas) catering packs are also available for trade customers only.

Origin: Yunnan, China
Ingredients: Maofeng Green Tea - see individual teas for flower ingredients

Customer Feedback
2018-01-16 12:32
Fantastic customer service
2017-02-13 11:31
Hello, I just thought I'd drop you a line to thank you for the sampler tin of flowering teas. This was my first purchase from your website and I love them. Your product selection looks fantastic and is exactly what I've been looking for - I am sure will return for purchasing gifts (for others and myself!).
2016-08-08 15:25
Excellent service after parcel force didnt deliver they sent again and made date for gift to be on time. Thank you exotic teapot.

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