Cherry Sencha

Supreme Cherry Sencha
Supreme Cherry Sencha cherry-sencha_1108600252 Supreme Cherry Sencha Supreme Cherry Sencha large Supreme Cherry Sencha Label
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Perfect for any time of day, this delicious Cherry Sencha is a premium grade blend of Cherry Rose Blossoms and steamed Green Tea. Both coming together to create an aromatic flavour that is hard to beat.

Sold as loose leaf tea in different sized tins and pouches.

China (Blended in EU)
Ingredients: Sencha Green Tea, Cherry Rose Blossoms, Cherry Flavouring

Customer Feedback
2016-08-27 22:26
This is the second teapot I have bought from this company as the first was so good. It does not drip, looks beautiful, and easy to clean. My one critique of the teapot is that it only holds 1 L and I like more tea than that! As for the Cherry tea, it has fast become my favourite tea!
2016-06-08 10:40
Stunning, refreshing tea; and great customer service.
2016-01-04 07:32
Prompt delivery - Beautiful Containers and awesome taste of all three teas

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