Supreme Gunpowder Temple of Heaven

Gunpowder Temple of Heaven
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This fresh and tasty Gunpowder tea is sure to please any lover of traditional Chinese green tea. Our Supreme "Temple of Heaven" variety is composed of tiny hand rolled balls of tea that supposedly resemble gunpowder pellets. When added to hot water, these tightly rolled pellets gently unfold to produce a deliciously fragrant dark coloured green tea.

Not all gunpowder teas are made equal. There are many different varieties and quality grades. Our Supreme Temple of Heaven is a top of the range variety which can be enjoyed all day, everyday.

Sold as loose leaf tea in different sized tins and pouches.

Origin: Zhejiang Province, China
Ingredients: Gunpowder Temple of Heaven Green Tea

Customer Feedback
2017-06-22 11:49
I only drink green tea and now will only purchase it from The Exotic Teapot. The tea is excellent. The service exceptional.
2016-07-25 07:13
Always top quality!

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