Supreme Dragon Well

Supreme Dragon Well
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Our Supreme Dragon Well (Long Jing) has a deliciously crisp, nutty taste with a delicate hint of orchard fruits that is simply unparalleled. This wonderfully refreshing green tea from Hangzhou has a distinctive flat leaf which is the result of a painstakingly laborious drying process. The leaves are pan-fired in a hot wok and carefully shaped by a skilled tea master. A simply superb tea that can be enjoyed all day, everyday.

Sold as loose leaf tea in different sized tins and pouches.

Origin: Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China
Ingredients: Premium Leaf Dragon Well Green Tea

Customer Feedback
2016-02-08 17:49
I have been buying tea here for years . I use loose tea at home and teabags at work or out and I have never tasted tea so good anywhere else.
2015-05-22 09:36
Wonderful service, wonderful products. I came back and bought more. I will buy more from The Exotic Teapot in the future
5 1 5
2014-06-20 18:47
The exotic teapot is a fantastic company, the items i purchased (as a gift) are beautiful, robust and the teas have proven to be very popular. The customer service is superb and i shall definitely use this company again, and again for more gifts.

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