White Ru Ceramic Side Handle Teapot 700ml

white-ruware-handle-teapot-1000 Re Side Handle Teapot white-ruware-handle-top-1000 white-ruware-handle-infuser-1000 Packaging
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This stunning side handled teapot is hand fired using a traditional crackle glaze technique known as Ru Ware. The crackles or "crazing" appear when the middle layer of glaze is cooled and contracts faster than the teapot body. A top layer of glaze is then applied to ensure the crackles retain their clean appearence and are protected from any impurities.

Our White Ru side handled ceramic teapot has a maximum capacity of 700ml. The teapot also includes a removable stainless steel tea infuser to for loose leaf tea.

What is Ru Ware?
Ru Ware was originally produced for the Imperial courts of the Song Dynasty (960 - 1127). The Ru kilns originated in Ruzhou, Henan Province and are particularly known for the small amounts of iron oxide in their glaze that oxidize and turn a greenish colour when fired.

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