Double Wall Clear Glass Cup 80ml

Double Wall Glass Cup
Double Wall Glass Cup 4 Cup set
£ 5.00 each

Four Cup Set



The contemporary look of our hand-blown double wall 80ml glass cups is designed to complement any occasion. The special double wall construction keeps the tea hot while always staying cool to the touch.

We only use the finest quality, borosilicate glass to create our cups so each one is fully heat resistant.

Customer Feedback
2016-08-27 22:29
I ordered these glasses with an iron auger, and I received the classic glass and saucer instead. I emailed Paul to advise expecting to have to return them before receiving what I ordered...but no! Paul responded to my email within minutes and not only did he arrange the delivery of the ordered items (which are an aesthetic and practical pleasure to sup from)but advised that the first cups could be kept, free of charge. When this company says customer service is key, they mean it. Great products, greater service. (As someone who has been diagnosed with serious illness since receipt, I expect the ritual of tea using these beautiful products will cheer the day and help lift the spirits - and will be ordering this company's own flowering teas too....)

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