classic-teapot-1000_936790556 Classic Glass teapot
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classic-teapot-1000_243990363 Classic Teapot Packaging

Classic Clear Glass Teapot

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£ 21.00
Teapot Size

Add Two Glass Cups
Add Tea & Gift Box
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Customer Feedback
Very happy with product as gift for my friend.
Absolutely love it! Also have the flowering teas and my grand daughter loves watching the flowers open, the tea tastes good too!
Teapot was a Birthday present for a Friend. Excellent and Easy shopping experience, I was kept informed about the status of the order and delivery by both Exotic Teapot Company and DPD local who did the delivery. Teapot seemed smaller than thought would be, However, our Friend was delighted with the Teapot and still says it's fab! .
Superb product (and we've had 2 from other sources).
Unlike china, earthenware, glaze, cast iron or stainless steel strainers/infusers, glass is inert. It doesn't bind to the tannins left behind from black tea. If you've found you can no longer keep out the bitterness of black tea, no matter for how briefly you brew it, try a glass teapot. I recommend using a wire coil filter, which is easily cleaned each time, rather than a strainer, which is not. I also recommend not using the glass infuser unless brewing for more than one person at a time; even then it would be better to use a clean coil filter and decanting to a second pot. I find the glass infuser holds some flavour in.
The Exotic Teapot Classic glass pot is superb quality. Easier to clean than the even more beautiful Prestige as the lid opening is bigger.

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