Persian Glass Teapot 800ml

Persian Glass Teapot
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Persian Top ViewThis clear glass teapot was inspired by an oriental style design The Persian glass teapot comes with a glass strainer embedded in the base of the spout to filter loose leaf teas. Normal usage capacity is 700ml. The teapot is perfectly sized to serve 2-3 large cups or many small cups in gong fu style.

We only use the finest quality, borosilicate glass to create our teapots so each one is fully heat resistant and even dishwasher safe.

Customer Feedback
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2016-07-05 10:30
I had a Persian Glass Teapot before and I managed to break the lid. Clever, eh? So I was delighted to be able to order another one which has put a big smile on my face as it looks just lovely when I make the flower tea. And a plus factor is the price. I am a very happy bunny. Many thanks.

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