Small Bamboo Water Tray

Bamboo water tray
Bamboo water tray Bamboo water tray open Bamboo Tray Gong fu
£ 18.00 each



Gong Fu Water Tray

Bamboo water trays are traditionally used in China for Gong Fu Tea ceremonies and make a great centerpiece for any table. The slatted top and reservoir base is designed to catch the excess tea and water that you pour away during preparation.

Made of quality bamboo, this compact tray can easily display a glass teapot and at least two gong fu style cups. It measures 28.5cm (L) X 18.5cm (W) X 7cm (H) and is offered as an optional extra in our glass tea sets.

Customer Feedback
2016-01-28 07:07
just what I wanted and at a very reasonable price; these water trays are not easy to find.

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