Glass Cup & Saucer 200ml

Glass Cup and Saucer
Glass Cup and Saucer Packaging
£ 10.00 each



This stylish 200ml clear glass tea cup and saucer makes an elegant addition to any dinner table. We only use the finest quality, borosilicate glass to create our cups so each one is fully heat resistant and even dishwasher safe.

The cup has a maximum capacity of 200ml. Cup dimensions are 8.5cm (top diameter), 4.5cm (base diameter) and the height is 4.5cm. The diameter of the glass saucer is 12.5cm.

Customer Feedback
2016-11-01 15:32
Love the cups and saucers, my friends will too hopefully. As for the green chai tea it is the best tasting ever so really happy.
2015-06-22 11:11
A classy product.

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