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This beautiful white crackle glaze teapot is made using an ancient ceramic technique known as Ru Ware. The crackles or "crazing" are created when the middle layer of glaze is cooled and contracts faster than the teapot body. A top layer of glaze is then applied to ensure the crackles retain their clean appearence and are protected from any impurities.

Our White Ru Crackle Glaze teapot has maximum capacity of 700ml and is perfectly sized to serve 2-3 large cups or several small cups in gong fu style. It also includes a removable stainless steel tea infuser to brew all types of loose leaf tea.

What is Ru Ware?
Ru Ware was originally produced for the Imperial courts of the Song Dynasty (960 - 1127). Authentic Ru Ware from this period is considered one of the most valuable of all Chinese ceramics given its scarcity and fact it was only intended for Royal use. The Ru kilns originated in Ruzhou, Henan Province and are particularly known for the small amounts of iron oxide in their glaze that oxidize and turn a greenish colour when fired.

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