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The Last Tree

This teapot exudes a sense of artistic vision and adroitness, craftsmanship trickles from this unconventional teapot named the "last tree” by Rebootmaster. This teapot resembles the trunk of a tree and at an initial glance it would be very difficult for the beholder to tell whether this is a teapot or simply a piece of bark. The main tea chamber has branches with lateral twigs protruding out of it, and it looks as though it has endured weathering due to the ageing grooves and cracks that cover the surface of the bark. Meticulous detailing imparts a very naturalistic effect on this teapot and is every aficionado’s choice.

Last tree teapotLast tree teapot 

Tea Pod Artistry

Alice Delisle is a very noted artist and her artistry has always been inspired by women and their lavish attires which they wear to garden parties, especially their hats. This teapot named as the “tea pod” has a very unique shape and the colors chosen are tasteful and vibrant. The spout and handle are tinted red with a beige coloured tea chamber and unique etched patterns. The lid adds extra excitement and looks like a witches’ hat with its slender spiral shape and cobalt blue colour. This teapot is very a-la-mode and is definitely an unusual beauty.

Tea Pod 

Junkman’s Teapot

This teapot is very nonconformist and unconventional, the very look of it articulates the fact that it has evolved from one function to another. Disused materials have been thrown together to give birth to this very maverick teapot. This teapot is nestled on a wooden trolley and has four wheels and has a lantern shaped metal handle. The main tea chamber has a verdigris impression which almost tells a story of abandonment with the greenish yellow tint suggesting a life spent forgotten. On the other hand this teapot personifies the evolution of a static object and it is the sheer resourcefulness and flair of the creator Joan Rasmussen that has breathed life into this unusual and conspicuous “junkman’s teapot”.

Junkmans Teapot 

The Grapevine Teapot

The Grapevine teapot by Bonnie Belt is a classic beauty, nature could not have been portrayed better. The grapevine which forms the handle, the lid and even the spout is just exquisite and enchanting to look at. Bonnie Belt has intrinsically and intricately designed the grapevine by imparting to it every miniscule detail in order to provide a naturalistic effect. The grape bunches are crafted from singularly rolled balls of clay and the leaves are crafted by twisting and turning the material untill the desired effect is reached. This beautiful peice of work is timeless and a real eye catcher. Belt displays great craftmanship from her tasteful restraint in decoration to the muted colours she uses which compliment the whimsical nature of this teapot perfectly. 


John Goodyear Cast Iron Teapot

Artist John Goodyear’s vision is to arrest and captivate the conundrum of visual existence. This teapot has a unique shape and bears close resemblance to that of a shallot or garlic yet it is an amalgamation of both the elegant and organic. The dark timber colour along with the blackened airbrush pattern creates the natural look of the crumpled skin of a shallot which forms the main tea chamber. Here the spout has been externally attached and the handle sits very daintily on top with spiral detailing. This teapot has a very urbane and select look and would complement an art lovers collection well.

John Goodyear TeapotJohn Goodyear Teapot 

Teacup Cup Cake Mold

The Tea Cup Cupcake is a unique presentation for tea time snacks. This mould has been designed in the form of cup cakes and is the best way to serve a tea party. They have been made out of silicone and each set includes saucers as well. 

teacup stack

Kettle on Cork

Lee West is an English Designer based in Paris who has designed some traditional looking kettle designs. These kettles follow the lead of the kettles without handle and yet add a level of style that has not been seen earlier in tea ware. The design that has been named is a part of the Eno collection. It includes a kettle that is accompanied by a cork cylinder for it to rest on. This kettle in black rests on the top of the cylinder that is made of cork.

kettle on cork

Free Jasmine Fairies Bloom

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