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Look what has arrived at Exotic Teapot

We are excited to announce the arrival of our new range of ceramic ware. The shipment arrived this week and filled the office with boxes of gorgeous new products. The beautiful Jun and Ru teapots and cups are available in a range of fashionable colours. We have created new Discovery and Loose Leaf Sets for the perfect gift to yourself or someone special. Take a look for yourself...

New Ceramic Teapots
Chinese Celadon

Do you like your tea with a blonde, brunette or a smoke?

smoking blonde  

Lithuanian born artist Rimas VisGirda depicts attitude, fashion, fads and urban living with teapots and cups.  Using porcelain and china paint, he transforms his ceramic pieces into cubistic cartoon-like characters.  Notice how he uses the spout of the teapot to extend the presence of smoke from the lit cigarette.  He also makes sure to adorn all of his female characters with red painted lips, blue eye shadow and earrings.  He titles his teapots just as sassy as they appear.  VisGirda calls this one "Smoking Blonde."



Some unique teapots...

Mao Tea by Steven HansenSTEVE HANSEN's pots appear to be metal and have interesting themes to them ... this series "Politics and Propaganda"

Look Ahead Tpot by Barbara FreyBARBARA FREY's porcelain pots look like stones.
Both even more amazing in person!



Designer Tea Infusers

barrel infuser 

This sterling silver tea infuser with cabochons and gold accenting was made for one of Kevin Ard's clients.  The designer starts with a single sheet of sterling silver or gold then applies jewels and detailed patterns according to each commissioned order.  Should you wish to put this on your gift list, first consider the base price of a custom-made one cup tea infuser, £1609; labor costs for ornamental complexity and desired jewels are extra.       

Tea Infused Eggs

marble tea eggs 

I have discovered that I am not the only one in a quandary for unique centerpieces.  Ellen Easton's "Tea Infused Marble Eggs" is an all natural, simple yet elegant idea.  Boiled eggs are rolled in a towel to create cracks in the shells then placed in water and black tea leaves for one hour.  After chilling, the shells are removed to reveal a shiny marbleized decoration, which can later be used in a salad.    

Teapot Museum

One of the worlds largest collections of novelty teapots can be found at the fascinating Teapot Museum in Conwy, North Wales. The museum was established by Paul and Christine Gibbs back in 1989 and now houses over 1000 different teapots.

monkey teapot 

We also particulary loved this ode to a cup of tea that hangs there:

"When the world is all at odds
And the mind is all at sea
Then cease the useless tedium
And brew a cup of tea.
There is magic in its fragrance
There is solace in its taste
And then laden moments vanish
Somehow into space
And the world becomes a lovely thing
There's beauty as you'll see
All because you briefly stopped
To brew a cup of tea".


Teacup Chandeliers

teacup chandelier teacup chandelier   

From her South London studio Madeline Boulesteix converts humble teacups into lavish chandeliers.  She keeps a collection of shiny metal objects, glassware, beads and other items found at ship yards, charity shops and car boot sales.  Madeline believes these objects are just waiting to be liberated from there once domestic uses.   

Pouting fish Teapots

fish pout teapot                                 fish pout teapot2

Perhaps it is the subtropical atmosphere where artist Judy Freeman resides or just her vibrate personality but her teapots are fantastically vibrant and unique compared to traditional British teapots. Each reef fish teapot has plump colorful lips and takes weeks to complete. They are hand formed in constructive stages, fired at least twice then decorated with bling, such as Floridian rhinestone sunglasses and dorsal earrings.     

Tea with the beauty of the sea

 the sea

Above is a beautiful under water photograph of an anemone.To fully appreciate the beauty of anemones,  L'Objet, a company that combines nature with tableware, has duplicated these magnificent marine invertebrates as part of their Oceania collection.  Without putting on a wet suit, the teapot shown below with multiple glazes and 14k gold may be the closest you ever come to having tea with the sea.

coral teapot 



Bright and Cheery-Eyed Teacups

freaky teacups 

If having your morning tea in one of these cups does not awaken you, perhaps you should return to bed. These wide eyed cups and mugs look ready to inspire you with a joke or share a special secret that is sure to bring joy.  The cups are the creations of Mark Switzer, an American artist, whose whimsical tea sets can be purchased at the gift gallery, Avventura located in New York.

Free Jasmine Fairies Bloom

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