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Iced Tea vs. Hot Tea


What healthy benefits are lost when tea is iced?  Research has been conducted.  Scientists at the University of Hong Kong proved that only 20% of the admirable antioxidants in tea dissipate when cooled from 98 Celsius.  With warm weather on the arisen this is good news.  Americans prefer iced tea to hot, perhaps due to the higher temperatures in North America.  Additionally, lemon is normally added to their iced tea.  Lemon in fact has shown to delay the reduction of antioxidants.   However, do not add the sugar dosage commonly used by westerners; this is where the calories add up!

How to cool tea


According to Molecular Gastronomy: Exploring the Science of Flavour research has been conducted to determine the most effective and expeditious method to cool a hot cup of tea.

4) Leaving the teaspoon in the cup ranked the least efficient. 

3) Adding warm milk resulted in the third worst. 

2) Stirring the tea for one minute dropped the temperature by 6 degrees.

1) However, blowing in the cup of hot tea for the same amount of time while stirring was the quickest method, nearly twice as effective.  Why?  Because blowing and stirring maximizes the surface area between the air and the liquid.

Ceramic teapots article

ceramic weird teapots

Margaret Bohls, curator for “Teapots:  Function, Formal, Narrative” has written an article to ceramic artists.  The purpose was to share with them the reasons for creating that magnificent object referred to as the teapot. 

The teapot is, arguably, the most visually and culturally loaded pottery form. Trade, fashion, social class, nationalism, and industry, have all contributed to the layers of cultural and historical meaning inherent to this particular cultural artifact. Being at the same time an aesthetic object and a utilitarian object, the teapot also carries all of the potential and all of the contradictions inherent in the field of contemporary ceramics.  


Grappling Teapots

grappling teapotsMixing up form and function is a balancing act for most ceramic artists.  However, this is what motivates Sam Chung to create teapots.  If that is not challenging enough, Sam thrives on which role each pot shall play.  Chung believes he must decide if it should be historical, tactile, decorative or ergonomically physical. These balance and role decisions are what he refers to as grappling.  Which role did Sam portray with this pot?

Walking tea cups

walking teacups

Imagine attending a party full of brainless ladies holding cups that have fingers and saucers that appear to have the ability to walk off the table.  The concept and sculpture is that of Ronit Baranga, created for his solo exhibition Shells of Wings. Additionally, Baranga received honorable mention in the designbloom "dining in 2015” competition for crafting finger walking teapots, cups and saucers. Has the Mad Hatter Tea Party met its match

The Benefits of Jasmine

It’s no wonder that the jasmine flower is revered by tea drinkers.  It's bloom is one of the most fragrant of all natural living plants.  Jasmine is used in most perfumes and its extract in many aromatherapy oils.  This midnight blooming flower has been referenced around the world for centuries in a multitude of lyrics and poetry.  Research has shown it calms the nervous system, helps PMS and aids insomnia.  What’s more, legend has it that it is an aphrodisiac.

Fermented tea

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Pu’erh also called Pu’er or Bolay is a traditional Chinese tea that has been fermented for long periods of time. Lovers of tea have found that when it is stored for many years, sometimes 50 years or more, it improves with age. This storage results in the tea acquiring different aroma depending on the length of time it is fermented. It is said that the tea that has been stored for over 50 years is considered to be most valuable and collectors from China and Hong Kong are willing to pay handsome prices for it.

fermented tea


Teabag Art

Here is an idea to use seemingly boring used teabags in an interesting and creative way. Designers Yuree S. Lim and Jieun Yang have created tea coasters which have designs embossed on them and when you put a used teabag on these coasters, the dripping tea stains the design on the coaster, leaving the white background blank. Some consider it to be an excellent form of relaxation. Having tea has never been this interesting and artistic before.

tea coaster art

Tea for Cats!

Mint tea is apparently good for your cats health. A little cold peppermind tea beneficial not just for their physical health, but is also said to have a positive impact on feline mentality. It has been concluded that they tend to be more agile and their senses sharper after regular consumption of mint tea. Mint is related to catnip, a happy drug for felines that gives them a feel good factor. So order’s up for your cat!

Mint Tea cat

Where there's tea there's hope

health teaAccording to accredited research drinking tea can boost your mental state. Tea has amino acid L-theanine which helps the brain relax and stay focused.  Drinking 4 cups daily of black tea lowers cortisol, the hormone associated with stress.  Red teas are known to relax irritations; green tea studies have shown that 2 cups daily reduce the risk of confusion by 50%.  The infamous late British actor and play writer, Arthur W. Pinero was correct:  Where there’s tea there’s hope.

Free Jasmine Fairies Bloom

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