Ayurvedic tea

Ayurvedic tea

Ayurvedic tea and the knowledge of life

The practice of Ayurveda originated in India several thousand years ago. There, it’s regarded as the oldest form of medicinal treatment. Ayurveda comes from two Sanskrit words, ayus (life) and veda (knowledge). It’s referred to as being the “Science of Life”. Ayurveda centers around the understanding that body, mind and spirit are all a part of one system. Illness and disease unbalance the system, and cause physical, mental and emotional stress. The purpose of practicing Ayurveda, which includes diet, exercise, massage and meditation, is to expel impurities and toxins and rediscover balance. This in turn will impact all areas of life.

Why is balance so important:

Most will suffer from stress and unbalance in busy modern lives caused by problems with work, relationships and money. Although stress itself is not an illness research suggests that people living with stress have an increased risk of conditions like obesity, depression, Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, heart disease and asthma.

According to statistics published by the Health and Safety Executive, stress was responsible for 35% of all work related ill health cases and 43% of all working days lost due to ill health. This accounted for the loss of 9.9 million workdays, an average of 23 days lost per case.

The good news is that the introduction of a balanced lifestyle can combat the symptoms of these illnesses. The methodology of Ayurveda is said to help with allergies, skin conditions, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, rheumatoid arthritis, stress and anxiety.

Ayurvedic Tea:

An easy way to bring that balance is by drinking Ayurvedic Tea. It’s a blend of carefully sourced herbs and spices consisting of an exotic concoction of cinnamon, liquorice, ginger, fennel, orange peel, cardamom, coriander, rose petals, turmeric, cloves and nutmeg. All of these make an enjoyable, refreshing and fragrant infusion.

Our Exotic Teapot blends come in three combinations - Harmony, Anti-Stress and Energy which together help to create a perfect balance of body, mind and spirit.

Ayurvedic infusions are completely caffeine free which means that they can be enjoyed throughout the day and do not have the side effects that other teas might.