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Free Flowering Tea Sample included with every order.

Specialty Teas and Exquisite Teaware to Wow Your Senses

Since 2008, The Exotic Teapot has been dedicated to reintroducing the ‘wow’ factor into the tea experience. Our mission is to captivate your senses with our collection of specialty teas and beautifully designed teaware. Experience the visual spectacle of flowering teas blossoming in our elegant glass teapots and savour the world's finest loose leaf teas, each selected to create unforgettable moments. Our range also includes a variety of meticulously crafted teaware and unique tea gift sets in both glass and cast iron, designed to make every tea occasion extraordinary. 

Catering to both seasoned connoisseurs and those new to the art of tea, our offerings ensure an experience that truly wows.
We invite you into The Exotic Teapot where every sip turns tea time into an extraordinary adventure.

New Tea Range
New Tea Range
Trade Program

Wholesale Tea Supplier

Become a trade partner and serve your customers a carefully curated selection of speciality teas and infusion blends in our unique teaware.

Discover the many benefits of our Trade Program.


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