How is fruit tea made?

How is fruit tea made?

How to make Fruit Tea

Fruit teas are a fabulously tasty infusion of fruit flavours that can be enjoyed both hot and cold. They are naturally caffeine free and can easily be pepped up to make a tasty cocktail, but many people wonder how such a refreshing beverage can be created simply from a few pieces of fruit.

Making fruit tea really is very simple; essentially they are made by taking and mixing a blend of dried fruit, herbs, leaves, blossoms and petals etc. It's the hot water that creates the magic though, it extracts the flavor from the ingredients, which is why making an iced fruit tea still requires hot water initially.
Benefits of fruit tea

Just like any food containing a large amount of fruit, fruit tea contains high levels of antioxidants and vitamins. Blends can be specially created to provide a dose of specific vitamins, or fibre for example.

Varieties of fruit tea

Due to the ease of making fruit tea and the wide range and combination of fruits that can be used, the variety available is much greater than other teas. Fruit Teas from The Exotic Teapot are made using large pieces of fruit, so the teas are tasty and look great.