How to make the best cup of tea

How to make the best cup of tea

Making a cup of tea seems to be something that divides people around the UK. Whether you add milk first or last, how many sugars to have and of course the strength of your tea. All these are questions that are hotly debated.One thing is for sure though, the majority of people will agree that the best way to make and enjoy tea is to make it in a teapot. But even then, we may not be entirely sure on the best way to go about making your brew. Never fear, here at The Exotic Teapot we are here to help. So, to guide you on the way we have put together the beginners guide to making a cup of tea in a teapot.

1. Get the water right

You may wonder how hard it can be to run the tap into your kettle and get a pot of tea ready. But what you may not realise is that a great cup all starts with the water. Ideally you would use spring or filtered water in your kettle. If you must use tap water, run the tap before you put the water in the kettle, just to make sure that it is perfectly aerated with oxygen to enhance the flavour. You should also aim to only boil the water once, as this will keep the oxygen levels up.

2. Make sure it is warm

Tea and hot water are best friends, which means that it will become slightly disgruntled if your teapot is cold when the water is added. Make sure that you add a touch of the freshly boiled water to the empty pot and swirl it around before you make your tea. This means that your pot will be beautifully warm and ready to welcome your tea!

3. Add your ingredients

A regular teapot will need 2 teabags to make the perfect strength tea. However, if you are using loose tea you should allow for around one teaspoon per person that will be enjoying a cup. Once you have added the tea, it is time to pour in the hot water and give it a bit of stir.

4. Wait it out

The best tea takes time to brew. So, you need to be patient. It takes around 4-5 minutes to make sure that all that amazing flavour is properly infused and ready to be enjoyed. Why not dig out a few biscuits whilst you wait? Or load up the washing machine?

5. Make it your own

Now the time has come to make that tea taste like you want it to. Add milk, a lot or just a splash, or just have it as it is. You can also choose your sweetener, sugar, honey or even a dash of lemon. The best thing about tea is that you can make it anything that you want it to be.

For this guide, we have used a more standard teabag form of tea, however, if you look at our website you will find that we have a variety of different teas on offer. So, why not take a look at the different teas that you can buy from us and discover a whole new world of tea?