More mellow mornings

More mellow mornings

I’m going to try and make a case for replacing your morning coffee with tea, but this is aimed squarely at myself (I’m not here to preach). Like many I’m probably more than a little addicted to a ritualised morning cup of joe; in my case an espresso with a dash of milk. But truth be told, it leaves me jittery unless I have it after a solid breakfast and a huge glass of water. And usually I have at least two (and sometimes three).

So for the sake of wisdom, and improving my morning twitch, I spent the last week swapping out my espresso for a cup of tea (which I normally drink throughout the day).

So how did I feel after day seven of this gruelling challenge? I’ll tell you after a quick look at some teas that make for a calmer, slower-paced morning ritual.

Ooooooolong mornings

Although it’s far from a strict code, some teas seem more suited to the body’s needs post-wake-up:

Black teas generally are preferred, especially Indian varieties like Darjeeling & Assam, Sri Lankan Ceylon teas and of course the appropriately named English Breakfast (usually a blend of three teas). These robust teas go well with milk and sugar, and have more caffeine.

Oolong teas (somewhere between a green tea & a black tea) are a great morning or afternoon cup. A little lighter and more refreshing than a black tea, they still have that caffeine boost and full-bodied mouthfeel. They have a tonne of personality too, so you’ll never get bored.

Chai teas can be drunk in the morning. The fiery spices are energising and invigorating and made creamy with a long splash of milk. Those with a sweeter tooth will like this drink, plus you can add honey for a healthier dash of sugars.

If you want to try and avoid the caffeine then there’s always the option of decaffeinated black tea. There are some good ones if you know where to look (see below).
A final option is to start your day with an infusion, something fruity and spicy. Something like an Ayurvedic blend will zap you awake with its powerful blend of spices that warm your stomach and jazz your senses.

Did it get my Ceylon approval?

So after a week of tea over coffee I can honestly say it ended my jitters, and gave a longer, mellower, more thoughtful start to the day.

 It forced me to take a bit more time to myself, and I got into the rather nice habit of thumbing the news while taking slow sups of my invigorating brew. Filling the teapot and letting it steep was a worthy ritual, giving me a basic competence test in the morning (one I can pass).

In conclusion, I’m still going to want coffee sometimes, it’s become hard-wired, but I’m going to keep trying to reach for tea because I felt better, stepped into the day more calmly and without the shakes.

8 teas I recommend for mellow mornings:
Supreme English Breakfast

Darjeeling Margarets Hope

Assam Tea Makalbari East

Masala Chai Black Tea

Assam Decaf Black Tea

Ceylon FOP Ratnapura

Sweet Marzipan Black Tea

Ayurvedic Energy Tea

Three is a magic number

If you fancy trying a week off coffee mornings, or just want to try something different, may we suggest our Breakfast Tea or Green Tea Triple Selection Boxes; this way you get to try three teas at a discounted price.