Tea on the go

Tea on the go

Most of us spend the majority of our days at work, but that doesn't mean you should spend the majority of your time drinking poor quality tea. Workplace kitchens usually provide free tea and coffee to employees, which is not to be sniffed at, but when you're used to a high quality loose leaf tea, tea bags simply don't cut it.

There are a few problems with offering loose leaf tea in the work place though, it's less convenient, it takes more time to make, it can be messy and it's more expensive, so it's easy to see why employers don't offer it. But this doesn't mean you cannot bring your own loose leaf tea from home to enjoy while you work.

There's now a wide range of solutions available to help you enjoy a good quality cup of your favourite tea, wherever you are:

Tea tumblers

These thermal travel mugs offer a convenient way to drink your tea on the go. Just like a traditional thermos the high-grade stainless steel interior will keep your tea warm for long enough, whether you're commuting to work, at your desk or running in and out of meetings.

The genius part of the tea tumbler though is the removable tea basket, which allows you to infuse all sorts of loose leaf tea and drink it straight from the tumbler.

Infuser mugs

Infuser mugs offer the taste of tea brewed in teapot, but in a convenient mug. The glass infuser sits neatly in the top of the mug while your favourite tea steeps, then once it's ready the infuser can be removed and placed on the mugs lid that also serves as a coaster. So, you can have fuss and mess free loose leaf or flowering tea at your desk.

DIY teabags

Tea lovers don't just have one type of tea on the go at once, and you can't take your whole collection to work! But you can create your own tea bags, so you have a range of your favourite teas available on the go. The large, DIY tea bags are easy to use, simply add your tea, fold the bag and use as a normal tea bag.

DIY teabags are a great idea if you want to try creating your own herbal and fruit infusions too.