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Free Flowering Tea Sample included with every order.

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Why are our flowering teas different?

The Exotic Teapot was one of the first brands to introduce flowering teas to the UK back in 2007. Since then, they’ve become our specialty. Although flowering teas have become more commonplace today, they are not all created equal.

Here’s a few reasons to prefer ours:

1. Direct Sourcing

Unlike many tea companies, we don’t buy our flowering teas through wholesalers. We’ve worked for many years with several small tea farms in Yunnan, China who specialise in a premium variety of Mao Feng green tea. This particular variety is actually known in China as a “white” tea as the liquid stays clearer for longer while brewing to better show off the blossoming display. It’s only harvested once a year in early April so we purchase our annual crop then and use it as the base to create all our flowering teas until the following Spring crop.

2. Quality Control

The majority of flowering teas produced and sold on the Chinese market are not EU certified. This means they probably would not meet the stringent EU standards for pesticide levels and should not be imported into Europe. Teas purchased online and shipped directly to you from China may often appear to be cheap bargains but do you really know what you’re putting into your body, especially when everything is labeled in Chinese? We only use the finest quality spring harvest teas and ingredients. We have our teas and flowers independently tested by Eurofins before they even leave China to ensure there’s no nasty ingredients, chemicals or pesticides.

3. Taste and Beauty

Our flowering teas are hand crafted by highly skilled and experienced tea masters using ancient, traditional methods. Unlike lower quality, mass produced teas, ours don’t fall apart during the blooming process or taste bland or bitter. We work hard to ensure they literally taste as good as they look.

4. Packaging

Each tea bloom is vacuum sealed at the source and individually labeled in english with the specific tea name and ingredients. The teas are then packed into our signature tins and pouches for maximum freshness and longevity. We also provide full brewing instructions to ensure you get the most out of each bloom during the flowering process.

5. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed

In the unlikely event you are not happy with our teas or services for any reason, we offer a full, no quibble guarantee and refund even if they’ve been opened. As a small, independent company, our continued success depends entirely on the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers. We stand by the quality of our products and always go the extra mile to ensure we meet your expectations.