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Glass teapots

Why are our glass teapots different?

Glass teapots are an increasingly popular way to enjoy quality tea in the UK. But not all heat resistant, borosilicate glass teapots are created equal. In fact many glass teapots we now see on the market are produced cheaply and industrially using low quality borosilicate or soda lime glass.

Our signature glassware is different and here’s why:

1. We have been making our own glassware since 2007

Luxury glass teaware is our speciality. We don’t buy our glassware through agents or wholesalers like many tea or teapot companies. We design and manufacture it all ourselves in China using traditional, handmade methods. That means we get to choose the exact grade of glass we use and exert full control over the production and quality control process. Each piece is inspected multiple times during the production process for any defects or weaknesses. All our glassware has our quality seal logo inscribed on the base so you’ll know it’s an authentic Exotic Teapot and not a cheap copy. We can also offer an extensive range of teaware in unique styles and different sizes.

2. All our glassware is mouth-blown using the highest quality, borosilicate glass.
Our master glass blowers are some of the most experienced & highly skilled craftsmen you’ll find anywhere in the world. They use only the purest borosilicate glass to create our signature teaware. This laboratory strength glass has key benefits of superior clarity, brightness, thickness, heat resistance and longevity. Lower quality borosilicate glass feels more flimsy, looks more opaque and is liable to crack or shatter at lower temperatures. Mass produced, industrial soda lime glass is also less heat resistant and can be easily recognised by the green/bluish tint on the edges or rims of the teaware. Our clear and coloured glass teapots are trusted by some of the worlds finest hotels & restaurants and designed to meet the highest expectations.

All our borosilicate glassware is dishwasher and microwave safe.

3. We guarantee you’ll be satisfied by the quality of our glassware and customer service
With glass, there’s always a risk that something gets broken in transit. We do our best to avoid this happening. All our items are carefully packaged and delivered in most cases by our speedy couriers. In the rare event of a breakage, we’ll immediately send out a replacement. You can be confident you’ve made the best choice of brand as we stand by the quality of our products and offer a full, no quibble guarantee.